Sunday, September 18, 2011

turning 5

A little over a week ago, Tate turned 5!
We love his.....
loving nature
rocking himself to self
gentle touch at times
belly laughter
desire to hang with the big guys
tenderness towards mommy

For his birthday he didn't want a party....the only thing was to take his little friend, Caroline, out to eat and anything and everything BIBLEMAN. (Owen was a little concerned he was having a date before he So, we invited their family to join ours at MOE's for his birthday. You will notice he is wearing a cape, it's BIBLEMAN. Yes, he WAS Bibleman on his birthday, and most days since then. ;-) Tate has sweet affections for his family and friends, and we love that about him. Many times within a day I will hear him say, "I love you sweet dawling!" Ok, melt my heart, sweet! Another gentle moment is now when he wants to brush my hair or when he is playing with younger friends. God is really growing him and molding him into a nurturer and lover of people and for that I am grateful! I am willing to wait and savor this time with him, but it excites me to think of the plans God has for his life.

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