Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach 2011

In July, our family spent some much needed time at the beach after Chad finished his last semester of classwork!! The first few days at the beach, Poppy, Yaya, Aunt Jen & Uncle Derek, the girls, and Aunt Chel were at the same beach so we had the treat of being together! The boys loved being around them since we don't see them much. THe rest of the week, we just soaked up the sun and lots of family time. We boarded, built, and (actually read a book).
That was definitely a new/uncomfortable change. Chad and I got to experience the fellas growing independence from us. I mean, it was great to watch them lean on each other more, but it was hard. I sat there some moments thinking, "Don't they need me?" It was a WEIRD moment for me since this was a first in 8 yrs. As a mom, I have found comfort in being needed by someone, but the freedom on the sand introduced me to glimpses of a new season. Chad and I really enjoyed talking together in our chairs, reading, and relaxing more than ever before. But with that change, I can see how parents must work at keeping the communication going with their kiddos. (enough about my sentiments :-))
The 2 weeks after the beach, the fellas had "Grandparent Camp." A special treat for ALL! THey spent time with Grandma Jo and Cam, Poppy and Yaya, and then a week with Grandmother. By the end, everyone was worn out and the boys have a bookful of memories in their heads to carry them till next time.

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