Tuesday, March 9, 2010

14 inches of snow

The boys and I had the fun of traveling to Banner Elk, NC to spend some time with my mom. We had a great time playing lots of SORRY and Chutes and Ladders in between our snow adventures and warming up in the pool. We could not beleive the amount of snow that landed that Wed. night...14 inches in 24 hours! Amazing! It was beautiful, dreamy, and oh so much fun! At one point walking to the pool, Tate lost his snowboot in the snow, and when he stepped, it covered his whole leg...crazy snow drifts. On Thursday we were suppose to head into Boone to meet up with my cousin and her parents. Well, that was postponed a day, but so worth the wait. Renee is due with her first child ...a little girl, in a few weeks, so it was wonderful to catch up with her and Uncle Marvin and Aunt Wanda. Thanks for trekking over to Makatos! After that, I traveled down memory lane and went onto the ASU campus. It was so fun showing the boys where mommy and daddy lived and hung out before we were married. Besdies that day out, we hung close to the cabin and spent tons of time at the pool and in the snow...best of both worlds:-)

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