Saturday, January 23, 2010

A connection and a conversation

Owen: Mom, it's really easy to understand.
Mom: what are you talking about?
Owen: well, Yoda is like God, you and Dad are like Anakin, and we are Padawans. You know, God is our master and Yoda is the Jedi Master, and Anakin is training the padawans about being a Jedi like you teach us about God.
Mom: you are right.
Chad: well then who is DarthVader?
Owen: Dad, Satan of course.

Needless to say, I was giggling with his connection(b/c I am not into sci-fi) and blown away at the same time. as with all analogies, they break down at some point, but I was totally impressed with his discovery.

So, moms, had I rushed us out the door this morning, I would have missed this conversation. Let's challenge each other to hear our children more, because when we are honest, they teach us so much more:-0

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