Thursday, October 15, 2009

My new FAVORITE 5 year old

Here are the many faces of Griffin on his BIG day, October 5th!!!

This face of happiness is a glimpse into my world of fun
Are you scared of this knight? He's pretty serious about it...
One of the many faces of daily characters that come to our home
He honestly made 8 out 10 at this little baller!
A rare picture moment with my little man
Mom with the boys before Griffin's birthday dinner

When the boys turn 5 we let them choose either a party with friends or a family outing to celebrate their birthday. This year, Griffin wanted to go to Glo-Galaxy. like his brother did this year. We had a great time! Especially fun for me because it was my first time out of the house after a week of recovery. I was moving slow, but so glad to be there. Physically and emotionally present to celebrate my new favorite 5 year old. We had a great time at Pie in the Sky Pizza for dinner. The kids got some dough to play with while their food was cooking, and it was a great way to pass the time. We then went to Glo Galaxy, which is a glow-in-the-dark bounce house and putt-putt place. (I have some fun pictures of the other boys I'll add later.)

Dear Jesus, Thank you for this precious child you have given to us for a short while. My we honor you in molding his gifts and personality to honor and love you to the fullest. Guide Chad and me as we instruct, shepherd, love, and correct him. Thank you Lord for healing his body over the past year, and keep us attentive to his growing needs. Lord, most of all, thank you for blessing us with his life 5 years ago.

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