Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in Action

Well, it has been almost a month since I have really mentally thought about meals for my family. I had surgery a month ago and with my mom here and then gracious meals from friends, I have been grateful to receive their love through food. (the boys have enjoyed it also)
So, I'm back...trying to create meals with color, creativity, and fun, which isn't always easy for me. In Owen's school work and scout requirements we studied the new food pyramid, and meals have brought on a new discussion. They all want to know which is the grain, veggie, fruit, bean, and especially fat or sweet on their plate and are quick to let me know if they are lacking something.
So there's my first meal back....Dinosaur Kale sauteed with almonds, Veggie Stir-fry with rice, and Almond crusted Chicken with homemade honey-mustard was a good night back!


Chrystal said...

Now that is impressive! I don't think I've EVER cooked a meal that delicious or appealing to the eyes! Way to start off, Laurie! :)

Karen said...

yummmm!!! that looks so ridiculously delicious! i'm glad Kale is on my menu for tonight because I am craving it now:)

Anna Morrison said...

Colorful indeed! I have tried a couple of different varieties of kale, but not the dinosaur one. I am interested to know if you told them that it was dinosaur kale and what their responses were.