Saturday, July 18, 2009


This last week was a special treat in are family. A treat for all, even mommy! All three of the boys had the privilege to attend a local Vacation Bible School. This church did a fabulous job teaching the boys about God's love, forgiveness, protection, provision, and (in Owen's words) "God doesn't lead us into temptation- Satan does." They used the Lord's Prayer as the guide and spent a day on each truth. as you can see in the pictures, the theme for the week was a Jungle Safari, so they brought home handmade jungle crafts each day.
It was a great treat for mommy also, because I had 3 hours each day alone. This was such a blessing as I spent most days doing some school prep for the boys. I was truly thankful, bc I was planning on paying for a babysitter for 2 full days of prep time, and this opportunity fell in my lap. I was so grateful that the boys were learning something of value while I was working. Isn't God just perfect! We are starting school in a couple weeks, so I was able to read, plan, reorganize, and spend time alone preparing my heart for teaching. I'm really excited about this school year and am feeling more prepared as a mom to start it of well.

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