Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

The Backyard Buddies

Some good 'ole waterballoon fun on the 4th with neighbors...way to go Tate!

Griffin working on writing Owen's name

Owen writing his name with a sparkler

Tate and his buddy Reid (before the 4th)

Our little family had a great 4th together. We originally had nothing planned, but to spend time at the pool together. As we sat down for Friday night movie night, some friends called for us to join them for a pre-fourth firework and sparkler fun. It was so fun to be up late watching their eyes light up with joy. The next day we had lots of quality time at the pool and then had our neighbors and a single friend over for dinner. Owen was so excited to have made all the water balloons for the evening. He was such the host as he helped fill the water table, balloons and helped move furniture. What a servant heart! Well, after 3 late nights, this crew has been hittin' the bed a little early this week.

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