Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Servant's Heart at 6

My heart is so filled with thankfulness tonight as I share the events of our evening. This morning Griffin was running a temperature and not feeling well. As the day went on he nestled himself into the couch to watch Prince Caspian, and that's when it all unfolded. Poor little guy got sick sitting next to Owen and Owen immediately got up, found me and yelled to come quick. While I was tending to Griffin, Owen got the trashcan and towel. The night went on and once again Owen served his brother with love. He ran got another towel, a cup to use in the bathtub, some water, and read Griffin a story while I went to wash Ellie. When I came back up stairs, Owen wanted to know when Ellie would be dry. So in the meantime, Owen got Griffin's puppy to sleep with until Ellie was dry. Lastly, Owen came over to where I was rubbing Grif's back and joined in. He was SO tender towards his brother. He has great love and care for him. And for that, my heart is proud.

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Chrystal said...

How sweet! I'm convinced our children are a direct reflection of us, so awesome job Laurie!!