Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sanctuary for our Soul

Chad and I had a wonderful get-away this weekend to Whitestone Cottage Inn. It is a 360 acre sanctuary nestled in the east TN mtns. about 45 minutes from Knoxville. We took off after lunch on Friday and loved the travel with a quiet car. At first it was a little weird (Chad even turned around as we left the driveway and said, "Everyone o.k?" :-), but we quickly settled into the peacefulness. We arrived early evening so it give us some time before appetizers at 6:00, then dinner at 6:30. Our room was in the top of the entrance barn, and then we just walked down to the Farmhouse for the meals. The food was fabulous, scenery fabulous...I mean what's not to love about God's creation?, and the peacefulness that just surrounded us was healing.
We have had an emotionally stretching fall and some friends had given us this getaway which was much needed. We both returned refreshed from lots of sleep, minimal texts, and time together to remind us of how blessed we are to have each other. It so easy for me to forget that as the "dailys" pour on, and the urgent takes front seat.
I would HIGHLY recommend this sweet place for anyone to venture to and slow down. I know we would have hiked more or gotten on the lake had it been warmer, so there's lots to do outside while you're there.

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mjb said...

One of my friends got married in the chapel there. It is such a great place! So glad you had fun!