Sunday, September 7, 2008

A little this and a little that

The last two weeks have been pretty emotional draining on Chad and our family so I have not really spent my "extra" energy here, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing lots.'s an attempt to share some of our happenings:

~School's In Session~
Owen started school a few weeks ago, and we are really falling into a good groove. I truly can't imagine what life would look like any other way for us right now. It's beautiful. It's challenging. It's fun to see him grow. I love watching he and Griffin really enjoy one another. It's exhausting, but restful in the same breath. In this picture he is creating some way to write the letter I. Throughout our day we do table work, art work, read, and read some more. I love that he is learning to create his own ideas versus being told to make "x" from some model. Life is good!

Last week I received some extra tomatoes in from my CSA box, so I made homemade tomato sauce. An italian friend had given me her family recipe so to work I went. I ended up with about 10 jars of sauce. Yummy!!!

~Grandmother Comes to Town~
My mom come to visit last weekend and what a great time we had with her. Our days were filled with walks, reading, playing, consignment shopping, and the zoo. In the pics you'll see some of the boys "new" treasures. A "guitar hero" type game for our budding musician and a 100 piece puzzle for Griffin. Tate got a bike seat to go on Chad's bike and a helmet. :-)

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Anna Morrison said...

I'd love some of your sauce! Yum.

Your mom is as cute as ever. Glad she came to hang with you and the boys.

I can't wait to hear more about homeschooling and what your days are like. Love you so much.