Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Boy is a Ball Boy

As you can see, our little baby has given up any bed blankets and bears to have a new bed friend. A basketball. He started this about a week ago, but tonight is the first time I got out the camera. I just love these pictures! Today when I got him up from his nap, he was literally holding the ball rocking back and forth until I startled him. PRECIOUS!!!
We had a sweet day celebrating Tate and the joy and laughter he has brought to our home. I just can't believe he is already two! The last picture is after we finished making some brownies for the family-gluten free:-) Do you think he liked them?

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Anna Morrison said...

What a cutie! Two already?@! Wow. He and Brady would make great playmates, as they both enjoy hoopin' it up. :)