Friday, December 14, 2007


Four and a half years ago I traded my days of nurturing other's children in a classroom for the daily and daunting task of being a mom. It amazes me how much more I have been the pupil these past few years. Days now are constantly filled with teachable moments for us all and most importantly, I can speak freely to my precious pupils, my children.
In the public classroom, my discussions of Christmas was within a unit study of cultural customs and beliefs. I would just conveniently discuss Judeo-Christian beliefs the last few days before our break. In my mind, I was ending with the real meaning of Christmas in hopes that it would plant a seed in their hearts to inquire more. Some did and some didn't.
But now, as my pupils are my children, if is such a relief to know that Christ isn't just talked about this time of year, but that it is a daily, moment-by-moment opportunity to disciple my children. Do I always seize those moments? unfortunatley no, but the closer my walk is with my sweet Jesus, I know the more "moment-by-moment" it is.
As I dwell on the discipleship of my children, a dear friend directed my path to a new book I got for our family library.
The Ministry of Motherhood
While two of my children went to a game with Chad and one still slumbers, I decided to start reading my Christmas present early. :-)
Most of the people glancing at this page are in the same season with me or are directly related to my little warriors. Either way, I want to share what the first few pages have openned my eyes to . We all desire to impart values or goals or gifts to our children. In this book, Sally Clarkson, has shared the gifts she desires for her 4 children.
I share them with you to 1) enocurage you 2) challenge me to create my own gifts and 3) to remind you that being a mom is the best and most challenging task of training the next generation for God's glory.
G- represents the gift of GRACE
I- represents the gift of INSPIRATION
F- represents the gift of FAITH
T- represents the gift of TRAINING
S- represents the gift of SERVICE
This book walks you through a six week study of each of those values. I'm so excited to start this book and I'll try to share what I'm learning from it.
Blessings to you all!


Anna Morrison said...

Hooray!! Thanks for sharing. I am confident that you will be richly blessed by this book. She tells the best stories. Her encouragement for moms is so refreshing and life giving.
Love that you are embracing your role of motherhood and always up for being molded by your Father.

Anonymous said...

you go girlfriend! i'm in it with ya! i am so influenced by sally's words. thanks for wetting my desire to keep shaping the hearts in my home... & like the new face on your blog :) merry christmas-