Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mommy's Weekends Away

Talk about indulgent, I really pushed the envelope with Chad when these opportunites came up. The weekend before Halloween I went on a business trip with Juice PLus to Memphis for the Fall International Confernence. As always, I was reminded of the big picture in regards to health, the realities that most people either won't, don't or can't make drastic changes in their American diets and that I should be encouraging anyone and everyone in regards to their health and the helath of their families! It was a fabulous weekend to glean from nurses, naturopathic doctors, and common people like me with a passion for health.

Yes, Chad encouraged me to get away and enjoy the time of learning, and so he called in the troops...his wonderful mom. Knowing that he was flying solo 2 weekends in a row, he asked her to come one of those. Of course, she was ready, willing and able. She is always wanting a reason to come and love on the boys. "Her boys" as she calls them.

The very next weekend, I had the opportunity to "Remember, Rest, and Relate" at our church's first annual women's retreat. What fun! About 70 girls of varying ages attended and we were blessed beyond measure to connect, meet, laugh, cry, and remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, how he REALLY sees us. For me that weekend, I savored quite a few quiet moments with my Maker, relished the fall foliage, and spent much time writing. When I wasn't doing that, I actually joined the skit team and got the whole crowd laughing at us most of the time. If you are REALLY interested and want to see a lovely picture of our attire, go to Karen's blog and scrolled down until you see some crazies in 70's garb.

Yes, Chad flew solo that weekend and did amazingly well, as always. I know the boys loved every moment with their daddy and I did too:-) Some of the girls on the retreat kept asking, how are the boys? I would say, "Chad and I's philosophy on weekends away - there are quite a few for Chad- is No news is good news, so I honestly don't know, all I know is that they are having fun!"

I encourage any mom and ALL moms to refresh yourself as a mother and spend some quality time away. I definately came back a better momma and ready for the winter. Hopefully all you girls can do that for yourself sometime!


Anna Morrison said...

Hey, bring on the posts about the American diet, girl!

Karen said...

I loved all of your posts Laurie...glad you are back!