Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grandmother's 60th

Tate, Me, LM, Bird, Haywood, Hallsey, Owen(where? red/blue hat), Griffin(where?green/black hat), Hamilton, Chad

Hallsey and Tate

(l-r) Haywood, Owen, Mom (aka Grandmother), Chris (aka Bird), Hamilton, Lisa Marie

Our family had a blast last weekend celebrating Mom's 60th birthday. We all met in Asheville, NC for the gathering. There is just so much to do in Asheville that we barely scratched the surface. Our first adventures when we arrived at the hotel was to check out the was great! Grandmother arrived while we were there and we decided to go out to dinner at a local mexican joint. Great food! That is one thing you can expect from Asheville...clean food. I tried for the first time a sweet potatoe, black bean, and kale burrito. I must say that my first bite I closed my eyes ( a mental thing) but it was FABULOUS!
While at dinner, we showered mom with goodies including a massage from her therapist back in Chapel Hill and a photo book of all the grandkids that we made on snapfish. It's a great gift for family near and far if they want lots of photos of your little ones.
Dear Lord, thank you for my mom! She is a blessing in so many ways to our family. She loves all the grandchildren with more love than I can imagine and pursues them indivdually. She cares daily for her aging mom, Ivey. She longs for family time with us and for that I am grateful. Lord, thank you for creating her to be who she is!

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Anna Morrison said...

So glad that your Mom was honored in such a meaningful way. I know she felt so loved.
Yum, that burrito sounded awesome.
Love the family photos. Those are keepers.
Happy Thanksgiving, friend.