Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Walk It Out

I tell you what, one of my greatest joys thus far as being a mom is to witness my first born ask Jesus to come into his heart and take away his "yucky" sin. What a precious moment! Yesterday, Owen wanted to play with the Resurrection Eggs which display the story of Easter, so he and his brother were talking out the story and playing with the figurines. Soon into their time he asked if I would read the story. I was thinking "great moment to drip truth on a heart, not anticipating the return."

As we were reading we got to the picture of people on one side of a huge revein and God on the other. As we talked about the picture and what that meant for us, I asked him why those people can't get to God, and his reply " They have yucky stuff, aka sin in their heart and God doesn't. So the story went on about how there is nothing we as people can do ourselves to get to God, and that Jesus had to die for our yuck, because he was perfect like God. After talking some more, he wanted to pray....Talk about a fullness of emotion. I was in awe of how a mighty God loves each of us and draws us to HIm in different ways. But I must admit, the Father of doubt didn't miss a beat, because in my mind I thought, "at four, can he really comprehend" Yes, I believe at his ripe age he can and does.

Later that night some youth girls came over to babysit. I asked if anything interesting happened, and they said no, but something sweet did. "Owen was jumping on the trampoline pretending to be an animal and he announced to everybody that he can never die....of course they asked why...he said, "because I have Jesus in my heart and I'm going to Heaven!"

Today we were talking some more and I asked him how he was going to get to Heaven, he said, "I guess I'll walk." Well, the pictures in the book have the people walking across the cross to God. At first, Chad and I just chuckled, but as I thought about it, he's right. All we have to do is "Walk it out!" Walk out our faith relationship with everyone we come in contact with. Oh, to have the faith of a child.

Heavenly Father, my heart is full of richness to know that Owen has trusted you as his Savior. May he continue to grow in wisdom and stature to multiply your kingdom. Guide Chad and me in your ways as we cultivate a home of gentleness, love, patience, truth, forgiveness and grace. Thank you for entrusting us with his life!


Anna Morrison said...

I am sharing in the joy.

Benji and Rebekah said...

What a precious time for Owen and you and Chad. How awesome that God has saught Owen out at such young age so that he may begin to live a life of purpose at four!! Our God is so good and may He be glorified in this. It brought joy to my heart to read the beginnings of his story and I can't wait to see how the chapters unfold. I am celebrating with you and thanking God for His faithfulness. I love you!

mandy said...

what a precious day to celebrate!! i totally related to how the attack started so quickly about whether or not henry "got it". what a blessing for God to reassure your heart!! thank you for sharing owen's "birthday" with us. we love you all.

Anonymous said...

OH Laurie- how beautiful!!! Warmed my heart to no end. I celebrate this with you & affirm you as a Mama today who is faithfully tilling the soil of hearts in your home. I found your blog thru Anna's & love reading about life in your home with boys. I'm encouraged by the way your walking with God & loving your family.