Thursday, July 26, 2007

Monthly Milestones

Some exciting news in our home....Tate is crawling and exploring like crazy! You can tell he is just loving the freedom. Needless-to-say, I have to be on my "cleaning ball" a little better. Over the last few weeks, we have spent many an afternoon at the pool. That is two HUGE milestones, one: Griffin getting in the water (at the beach i the spring, it took him 4 days laying in the lounge chair to get in) and me conquering my fear of taking all 3 to the pool solo. Griffin now loves the "frog pool" at the YMCA. It is a refreshing break to our hot summer days! IN the pictures, Daddy joined us and was helping Owen swim some. Also, Tate is waving bye-bye and signing all-done. On a few occasions he has said, "ah du, ah du." He is definately a Vinson if this is any sign of future verbal skills. haha

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Anna Morrison said...

Never a dull moment I see. Enjoy. I like the pics. Hope you are well. Let me know how the fuzzi bunz are doing. i love and miss you so.