Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yes, we are still alive!

I know, I know....It has been way to long since I last posted, and you are right Mandy. Interesting things have been going on. Right after Memorial weekend, our family packed up and headed east at about 12:00 am. You are probally thinking "crazy", but if you have travelled 10 hours with multiple chitlins, then you know sleep time is the time to go. They rested well, and we made it to Smithfield in a whooping 10 1/2 hours. Now that's a record!
Once we were there, Chad went with Owen and Griffin to grandma Jo's for a few days while I stayed with YaYa, Poppie, Aunt Jen and Aunt Belle to finalize wedding details. I had not been able to attend many wedding things, so helping out that last week was such a joy for me. The wedding was beautiful and I must add that Chad did an AMAZING job officiating. (That sounds so formal, but yet better than "marrying them") Now we ALL were in the wedding program, but Griffin made a detour as soon as he walked the aisle. My mom was there to stay in the nursery with Owen and Griffin as well as the flower girl. Owen lasted about 15 minutes and then made his detour. THis was my first experience with my children in a wedding that CHad and were both in, and my only advice is have backup. Thankfully Jenna and Derek's expectations weren't too high, but still as the mom, you want them in it, but it was unfamiliar territory. After the wedding we stayed in Smithfield another day (mud picture), and then Chad headed home for a trip to Mexico while I stayed in Chapel Hill with my mom for 2 weeks. (while Chad was gone)
The boys had a blast on the farm! They were up and out the door at 7:00 to swing on the playgrounds, let the dogs out of their pin, play with the cats, ride the "child-safe" motorcycle, play in a pool, picked blackberries(grandmother made the jam) and just run free. They loved the freedom and freshness of seeing green and playing with few limits. While we were there, Anna and her family came to visit (they just moved to Durham), we went to a zoo (1st time ever), and went to grandma Jo's.
When the boys went to Grandma Jo's, mom and I tackled her 3 car gargage that only 1 car could fit into. We travelled down a 30 year memory lane. We laughed. laughed and laughed more as we saw old hairstyles in pictures and found MY MOM'S maternity clothes that she made! If only I had had them to wear the last 3 years! hehe...I'm not sure they would fit, she was all of 100 lbs. wet when she had us. We also found alot of the smocked dresses that she had made me, so of course, we washed and kept them for my granddaughters. Can't see the boys appreciating them. THe wedding outfit was as close as I can get. IT was great, we found a video of mom and dad when they had gone a cruise back in '89. Just to see dad, hear his voice and watch his mannerisms made all that hard work worth it. Mom and I took 9 truck loads FULL to the recycling/solid waste place. We at least made a big dent in the garage, and mom said it was now manageable to finish on her own.
So those of you wondering where I have been....I have spent this week getting back into our routine at home and thankful to be in my own bed with my hubby!


mandy said...

thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us!! i can just imagine the time you spent with your mom in that garage. what a treasure of memories found and made. i love the picture of the boys from the wedding! what adorable little men!!
i miss you tons and i am glad you made home again!!

Karen said...

Glad you are back...I am too now! But there is no way I am posting today! I cannot wait to get together with you and catch up (and see your hair...YAY!!) I love the pics you should have taken a before and after of the garage. When I can think more clearly, I will post up some additional '80's memories. So thankful that all aspects of your trip went well...God is so good, huh?