Monday, June 25, 2007

I was a girl from the 80's because.....

my hair was bigger than my face
I had a stash of garbage pal kids (maybe not all girls)
smurfs was my Saturday morning fun
I dreamed of being wonderwoman
I wore "units" tube belts, skirts, and shirts
my earrings and belts were as big as my hair
I had multiple cabbage patch children with birth certificate in tow
I owned an add-a-bead(or pearl) necklace
I now laugh at the lace leggings and leg warmers
I owned a little wooden handled purse with changeable covers to match most outfits
I loved "Thriller" and had my own white glove

......can anyone add more?.......

just a few memories from purging my gargage

(oh, yes! I forgot to mention earlier, but while in NC I cut about 12 inches of hair off to donate to locks of love. Instead of my hair being down most of my back, the longest part touches my was definately a shocker to Chad)

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mandy said...

not only did i love thriller but i knew all the dance moves and could do the whole video in the middle of my living room!