Thursday, March 8, 2007

Leaning Tower of Tate

Yesterday Tate was 6 months old!

Amazing as to all that a little one can do in six short months. His little personality is blossoming! He is notorious for waiting for eye contact and then throws you this HUGE smile. I guess he has gotten used to faces constantly looking at him, especially the captive audience of Owen and Griffin. Tate loves being in his exersaucer, laughing, sitting in his bumbo chair, and falling over while learning to sit up. Hence the title. He's getting there, but he has alot to hold up :-)

Tate truly brings so much joy to our family and his smiles are contagious.

Precious Father, thank you so much for Tate's life. YOU have blessed us beyond measure with him. I pray that he learns of your love and grace at an early age. May he have the priviledge of loving you and serving you with his very life! YOU are an amazing God whose ways are higher than ours. Thank you for sweet Tate Landry Vinson!

1 comment:

Karen said...

such a sweetie pie! just like his mommy...maybe he will get his "sensitivity" from his daddy:):)