Friday, March 23, 2007

Fiery Gizzard

The title doe not at all depict the type of day we had hiking, it was actually the name of the trail. Our family spent Wednesday checking out some local nature. We were so excited to spend a full day with daddy that included a little get-away. We packed our lunch, loaded up and were off. Spending a day relishing God's wonders was a beautiful reminder of the area/school where Chad and I met. Memories! Although, hiking with 3 in tow is QUITE a bit diffferent than a hike with just us, but I must say, it was filled with many more laughs, songs, breaks, and distractions to look at God's wonders. And I mean distractions, but teachable moments as well. We talked about where moss grows, why tree roots are underground, do monsters live in caves, did Moses' staff look like my walking stick, why are there tree roots coming out of the ground, and many more. You can imagine the day was full!
If you plan a hike with "walking" children, I wouldn't suggest a 2 mile hike the first time, unless you want to get an extra workout carrying 30 lbs. halfway through:-) Needless-to-say, we all were exhausted that night, but hey, at least Owen slept in to 7:00 am. Yippee! So, our hike truly was grand and we plan it to be a tradition in our home throughout the summer and fall. We are hoping to hit up a different place each time. Fun times.


mandy said...

what a fantastic adventure! i love seeing pics of your prcious family. love you guys!

Karen said...

Is it just my imagination or does that pack not fit Chad very well...HAH! Just kiddin'! I know you guys had a blast. We all need to go together soon. What a trip that will be, w/ 4 kids in tow!!!