Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wrestling for the Goodness

Today was a hard day in our home. I wish I knew what made today harder than normal, but I'd like to think it had something to do with the fact that we all were missing Daddy! Daddy left this morning at 4am to travel with his youth group to minister to children in Haiti for the week. For whatever the reason, the boys were way more aware this year that daddy's presence in our home is gone. Their threshhold of patience with each other was nonexistent and we were just snippy with each other. Ever had those days? I truly prayed this morning for my attitude to be abounding in love, but sad to say, that went to Haiti with Chad;-) Thankfully my sweet Father wrestled me back in line as I read these words:
I am with you, watching over you constantly. I am Emmanuel; My Presence enfolds you in radiant Love. Nothing, including the brightest blessings and the darkest trials can separate you from Me. Some of my children find Me more readily during dark times, when difficulties force them to depend on Me. Others feel closer to Me when their lives are filled with good things. They respond with thanksgiving and praise, thus opening wide the door to My Presence. I know what you need to draw you nearer to Me. GO through each day looking for what I have prepared for you. Accept every event as My hand-trailored provision for your needs. WHen you view life this way, the most reasonable response is to be thankful. Do not reject any of My gifts; find Me in every situation.
So, even after a hard day of transitioning, I'm choosing to be thankful for: -a cool summer day -clean dishes -boys that vaccuum -a safe trip for the Haiti bound -time to quietly study for school next year -teachable moments -picnics by the pool -time of the Living Bread -snuggles with T when the pool is too cold -friends for O and G to play with -learning the frustrations of each child and meeting them where they are -watching a high school soccer game -seeing a girl do a flip throw in (boys thought that was SUPER cool) -grateful hearts -ceiling fans -creamy jalapeno dip -a friend to call and check on me -my willingness to share what I've been wrestling with today I'm learning it's good to wrestle with God. He wants to hear my needs, my admitting short-comings, and my devotion to press on towards His goal-but the process is never fun and easy. At the end of today though, I can say that goodness prevailed! With a grateful heart-

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Ginny said...

Wow, that was so good to hear. I am encouraged, thank you for being so honest and candid. God blessed me through that today. Thank you.