Monday, April 23, 2012

Cravin' Caving!

The "before" picture all clean
400 feet below ground...loving the mud, darkness, and a group of 10 boys in their element: My favorite one!!
A beautiful underground world:
Tucking it in after a full day...sleeping with the bats...
Owen and I went caving in Chattanooga at Raccoon Mtn this past weekend with his troop. About 20 parents and kids were in our group, and we had a blast. As Owen said at about 200 ft below, "I was born for this!" :-) After 3 hours of army crawling, jumping, climbing, splashing, and looking for bats and salamanders, we climbed out, kind of got cleaned up and set up camp. We got to sleep in the cave and that was really thrilling, but I ain't gonna lie, I was sore the next morning. But memories were made and fun was created...good times!!


Chrystal said...

You are one brave mama!! I bet Owen loved every second! :)

Anonymous said...

You are one BRAVE mama bear!!! You inspire me, lady. Love your beautiful space here. Thanks for sharing & blessing!

anna said...

oh my word. girl, that is some serious paling around. no doubt he soaked every bit of that up, especially confirming the fact that his mama is totally cool.

love you.

Netti Chrysolite said...

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