Saturday, February 25, 2012

Luke 2:52

I will be eternally grateful for the men and women that have taken the time to impart God's Word and His love in my children. This is just ONE example of how Tate is learning about God's love for him through the stories shared at CBS and church. He sometimes will share bits and pieces, but for him to take the initiative, draw the picture, and ASK to be video, and actually talk about it is just priceless to me. He is growing both in wisdom and stature and favor in the LORD. For those who need help understanding Tate's version :-) it is a story of how Jesus was asleep in the boat when his disciples "aka helpers" got scared of the storm....they awoke Jesus and he calmed the waves.

He also did a Jonah story but that one had Jonah diving off the diving board into the water....He said that was the Veggie Tale version. haha

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Sunshine said...

love that boy!!! what a blessing to see that a little seed fell on fertile soil! :)