Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last weekend, a dear friend of ours, Rebekah, took these amazing pictures of the fellas. She was wanting some practice with multiple children and asked if I'd be up for it. HECK YEAH! As Chad says, "You're a picture fanatic!" And being that photography is NOT my gift, I was totally up for someone else to take the shots. So she spent about an hour snapping away, and I came home with many keepers.
I few years back when Owen was 5, Griffin 3, and Tate 1 we had similar pictures taken. I wanted to now get a few shots with Griffin now five (that's why the denim overall pics are mixed in) and this past Sat was perfect! (My thought and goal is to "one day" have a picture of each of them at age 5 on the wall) They were taken at a local historic site that provides unique settings, great color, and fun in the water. What child doesn't like that? Anyway, Chad and I were super pleased with the wonderful images and the fellas cooperation and we hope to do more pictures with the whole family soon! Just wanted to share our excitement....ENJOY;-)


Chrystal said...

What sweet pictures . . . and beautiful babies! :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!! Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I love love love them, makes me want to squeeze each of those boys.

For some reason, I just love shoe shots.

Did you make the monster shirts? Absolutely adorable.

Love you, Laurie.