Thursday, May 27, 2010


Every few months we make the extra effort to get out of town for the day. For us, it helps us balance family and full-time ministry, so this past Tuesday we went to Chattanooga for the day. We surprised the boys that morning with the news and it was an extra bonus to celebrate Owen finishing 1st grade. WOW!

We grabbed some lunch at one of our favorite places and then headed over the the Creative Discovery Museum. We have a pass that allows us to visit children's museums around the area, so we were thrilled to be using it. WE stayed there about 4 hours playing and discovering. Below you will "hopefully" see picture and videos from our day. A HUGE accomplishment is that during a museum science show our boys were volunteers. If you know anything about our boys, our oldest relishes the stage but this was a NEW venture for Griffin. He was a champ! So with a warm heart that only a mom can have, I was thrilled to see before my eyes a child that doesn't do crowds, talking, and anything public, have the courage to try something new.

Enjoy the music that Owen made too!

You will also see the boys pretending to be a window stage and then of course, roll down a super long hill. We had a blast that day and Owen choose a harmonica for his "Job Well Done" gift, but he said, "I want Griffin and Tate to have one too, cause it wouldn't be fair." Oh, the tenderheart of the big brother. My hope is that it never changes:-)


Jenna said...

ok so it's almost June and I am already counting down the days until our cabin adventure in about wishing your live away. :) I am so ready for you guys to move closer...I miss my sweet boys and of course you and chad. Have a great weekend... love you!

laurie said...

love you too jen! I am excited to see ya'll next month!! hope you had a great time at the beach with friends. let's talk soon. and btw, you should move closer..haha

Laura said...

just got up on your blog-life. loved looking at the pics and so glad you guys got away for your anniversary! soooo precious isnt it to have a vacation without the kids?! your boys are all adorable. what a fun household. love, Laura