Monday, February 22, 2010


Can I just tell you that I'm giddy today? The last few days I have been packing and getting things ready for a trip with the boys. I love packing, organizing, and checking off my lists as we prepare to travel. I also have been trying to pace myself while I will be driving solo with my boys, so at times, I get a little anxious with the thought of any emergency I may have with them. I know that is not form the Lord, and He quickly reminds me of the blessing of age. The age of Owen and Griffin's helpfulness and attentiveness to assisting their mama. So, I'm giddy! The excitement of spending time in a new place with my mom andt he boys will be fun.
Pls. pry for safe travel, ease with traffic, good health, safe ski adventures(hopefully) and a wonderful time in the mtns. of NC! AHH, home sweet home:-)


Anna Morrison said...

Hey cute giddy girl! Love the pic of you in your hat.

I am envious of your week planned in the mtns with mom. Have a wonderful time!!

Love you.

Jenna said...

I hate that you guys will be so close but so far away..:) Travel blessings from the four of us..we love you