Thursday, May 7, 2009


My little helper loves to turn on the vita-mix, sometimes without the top :-D

This past Tuesday we went to the farm to pick up strawberries. The best part was they were already picked! Yes I know that sounds weird to some, but I decided this year that I would make jam with these and then the ones the boys pick at a different farm we would eat on. Now, the boys can have there fun and exploration without me making sure we have enough berries to make jam to get us through the winter. Yes, we made 86oz. of jam yesterday, and I'm pretty sure we will have plenty:-) It was great this morning to wake up to, "Mommy, can we please have some strawberry jam with toast." We did and it was even better than last years!


Karen said...

yummmm!!!!...when do the Kramer's get their jar??:):) (I suppose when we pick our OWN berries...hahaha!!!!)

btw...thanks for processing stuff after church with me good to hear from a mom who is on the daily journey with 3 fun boys!!

anna said...

yum yum! where do you go to pick?

laurie said...

I licked them up at the CSA Farm we get our veggies from. I plan to pick with the boys later

laurie said...

ok sorry "picked" :-)

Anna Morrison said...

looks good! way to go, mama.

miss you.