Saturday, April 4, 2009


A week ago, Chad and I had the privilege to take 20 students to Asheville, NC for a week of "labor of love." It is so easy to go through life and not take a moment to reflect or remember, and this trip was a perfect time for me to do it. Here is my list of privileges that God has given me, and it's my responsibility to remember them;
-family that loves my boys
-a reliable car to get us to and fro
-doctors to know my son's needs/$ to pay for it
-fresh food, packaged food-just food-no need to be snobby about it:-)
-heat in my home
-neighbors that look out after us
-a matteress and box springs
-windows that open and close
-clean carpet
-floors with NO holes
-a shower
-kitchen cabinets-not ones that are rusted out
-a laundry room with washer and dryer vs. them being in the kitchen
-someone who cares to listen when i'm hurt
-a home where mom and dad love each other
-a home where I could be a child
-the time to get out of my mommy routine and think and love on somebody I've never met

Thank you Jesus for letting me be the hands and feet for our sweet new friend in Asheville. May he know Your love and mercy when he is lonely and sad. Heal his heart and thank you for allowing us to be You for him.

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Anna Morrison said...

wow. thanks.

had you on my heart. i know that will stay with you for awhile. perspective is important.

i am thankful for you and your willingness to go and be present there in Asheville.