Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gracie Butler Baker

Some of our friends, and former youth leaders, Benji and Rebekah Baker, gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The day she entered this world she met Jesus face to face. Please pray for the family that longs to hold her, touch her little face, snuggle with her and just look at her. Our hearts are so heavy for their family and we just ask you to cover them in your prayers. Please take a moment to meet Gracie and be blessed.

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Anna Morrison said...

just took several minutes to look over their blog. wow. took my breath away. thank you for posting about your precious friend's loss. my heart is heavy for them. they'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

love you, laurie.

oh, the card you sent me a little while back sits in my kitchen right by the window. thank you for loving me that way.