Thursday, October 2, 2008


I really can't think of a good title for this one video because it is just so random. Today while I was fixing lunch the boys wanted to play a little b-ball, so out the door they went...raising the gargage door all the while....then all of a sudden I hear Owen yell, "Wow, Griffin that's awesome, can I try?" So, curiosity killed this chick and I peeked out the door. Let just say they both spent the next 5 minutes taking turns doing this. I'm thinking what are we in for later with adventures like this at four. What do ya'll think? :-)




Andrew said...

Who needs a TV when you have garage doors? :)~

Karen said...

...I'm thinking 2 things: you might have to get your garage door fixed sooner than later with this kind of fun action and why didn't Tate get a turn??;)

Jenny said...

After hearing you talk about it, seeing it's another thing. That's so fun!

Jenny said...

And it was great to hang out with you!