Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Welcome Home to Strep X's 4"

Can't say that it is the most welcoming banner to hang for a daddy whose been gone for over a week, but definately truthful. Yes, Chad came home from Mexico with 20 students only to find that his family ALL had strep. Craziness, I know!! I was the only one of the 4 that had the "closing of the throat, can't swallow it hurts" symptoms which actually didn't kick in till Sunday night, but all the boys had a variation of symptoms since Thursday. FOr all you moms out there that haven't experienced strep like me....here are some pointers/symptoms in children:

  • throwing up - Owen once Thursday
  • runny nose - Tate on Friday
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigued
  • tummy ache
  • temperature - Griffin on Sunday afternoon (unfortunately after going to church)
  • raspy/smoker's voice - Griffin and Mommy on Monday morning

Unfortunately, those symptoms don't just scream "Strep Throat" so have fun with your own diagnosis. j/k So, as of yesterday, we all received shots, and we 100% better today. Praise God! Seriously, not eating or drinking since Sunday afternoon was making me a little edgy.

So, back to Father's Day.....Chad's love, devotion, sacrifice, servitude, and help with a lack of sleep on the day he returned pretty much shows you the kind of Daddy he is to us all. I mean, if you know Chad at all, you know he loves his sleep. And he didn't get any since he was the one to take Griffin and Tate back to the doctor to get checked. Once we found out they were sick, I drove Owen there, and once again Chad was available. Not in a way he would choose, but he had to hold Owen down for his shot. Not fun....for anyone. All of you who get upset over 2 month shots, just wait till they can really fight back. With all that to say, we had a fabulous day today playing in the yard as a family and then Chad and I were able to have our date night...icing on the cake!

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Anna Morrison said...

Oh man. So sorry.

Thanks for the tips. I appreciate that.

Sending lots of love your way . . .