Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Hoppy" Easter

Our day was so full of blessings as we celebrated Christ's resurrection! In addition to that we are thrilled that Benji and Rebekah Baker, precious friends who are now in seminary at DTS, had their sweet little Caroline today..what a joy!

Our family celebrated Easter with a frozen egg hunt (due to the weather). I got this fun idea to write words of encouragement on little strips of paper and put them in the eggs. The boys had some much fun opening the eggs and asking to read them. Some statements included; "We are proud of you, I love you, You are amazing, You have a gentle spirit, Jesus died for you, and etc.. The best part was that Owen was beginning to recognize the phrases and could read to me his last few strips. Cool idea, huh..Use it and pass it on, I can't take the credit for that candy-free idea.
As you will see in the pictures, Owen decided to send Tate on an adventure in the laundry basket. The whole time he was singing "Row, row, row your boat" as he pushed Tate around our house. As you can tell on Tate's face, he wasn't sure what was going to happen next.
Another funny story for today was at church (although some of you may not appreciate the humor..sorry). Many of you know that our church meets in a school, and so that lends itself to lots of places to wonder after service if your parents aren't keeping close watch. Well, today as I watched me two PK boys travel towards the cafeteria, Owen yelled back, Mom we can eat in here. I reassured him that there wasn't any food there, but he said, "oh, yes mommy there is..come see. Well, as I got down there, my boys and other PKs were drinking the left over communion juice. I guess it's a good thing we don't use wine! Anyways, have a laugh on us and now you can seriously pray for us in about 12 years :-)

I hope all of you also enjoyed your Easter celebration with family or friends! To those far away we missed you, but rest in knowing we look forward to seeing you soon!


Karen said...

I was waiting for these pics to cute, and funny. I love Owen's expression in the last pic!:) What a great idea with the eggs!! I'm glad that you guys had such a fun day...BTW, if the worst thing they are doing is snatching the communion juice, we will be so thankful...HAHA!!

Bobby said...

The family looks great. Keep up with posting the pics!